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Acts 13:1-24, The gospel is preached in Cyprus and Antioch

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Acts 13:1-24, The gospel is preached in Cyprus and Antioch

1. Antioch Church becomes a center of evangelism and sends out missionaries to spread the gospel of Jesus (1-3)

    The Antioch Church is the first Gentile church, and from Acts 13 onwards, it becomes a center for evangelism and sends out missionaries. We are all thankful for being saved, and we hope that you can spread the gospel well wherever you are.

2. Begin to spread the gospel of Jesus in Cyprus (beginning of the first missionary journey, 4-12)
  Saul (Paul) and Barnabas, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, take a boat and preach the gospel in Cyprus Island, Salami, and Papos. They speak at Jewish synagogues. Evangelism is spiritual warfare. They meet three types of people in Papos. Today we are similar. 1) Bar-Jesus, who was possessed by a demon. 2) A person like Sergius Paulus, the governor who was interested in Jesus and believe in the Lord. 3) People like Elymas (Sorcerer) who interfere with and challenge the gospel. Paul must be filled with the Holy Spirit to evangelize well(9). We pray that you too will overcome Satan’s interference and spread the gospel powerfully.

3. The Lord of the Old Testament and Israel's history is Christ (13-24)
 Let us live as faithful workers until death, armed only with the life of Jesus. Let’s quote the Old Testament and convey Jesus Christ, the Lord of history.

4. Preach Jesus Christ who came as the king of Israel (17-24)
  Paul evangelizes and preaches the gospel in the synagogue of Antioch in Pisidia(17-41). We preach Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came as a descendant of David.

  Dear believers, let us all arm ourselves with Jesus Christ, who is the gospel and the Lord of history. I bless you all to become blessed people of the kingdom of God who save lives by evangelizing Jesus Christ wherever you are, whether you get the opportunity or not. Amen.