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Ephe. 6:1-3, Ex. 2:1-10, Num. 26:59, The song of Jochebed

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Ephe. 6:1-3, Ex. 2:1-10, Num. 26:59, The song of Jochebed

 Today is Happy Mother's Day. I hope that God's grace will be abundant for the mother who worked hard to give birth and raise her children.
Ephesians 6:1-3, Honor your parents in the Lord. Obey them. It is the path to prosperity and longevity on earth.
 Exodus chapter 2 is the story of Moses' parents saving him and raising him in the midst of God's providence and protection. God moved Pharaoh's princess to save baby Moses, and had Moses' biological mother, Jochebed, take her to feed Moses with her breast and educate her in the faith of God. This is truly amazing. It is about her mother Jochebed putting her baby Moses in her reed box and sending him out on the Nile River, entrusting him to God. I feel her mother's heart in “The Song of Jochebed”.

<The Song of Jochebed>
 Making a small basket out of reeds, And coating it with tar so water couldn’t get in
Heart torn apart into million pieces Tears with agony couldn’t describe her pain
Giving a kiss one last time to her baby so innocent and pure.
Putting him in the basket and placed it Among the reeds by the bank of the Nile
In desperation, Must have cried out In prayer.
Tossed by waves it floated away Couldn’t see it anymore, felt so helpless
How could I forget your shiny bright eyes! Fell to the ground with no strength to get up
Remember, my baby, He is your Lord, He is your Father, to Him I commit your life.
Remember, my baby, He is your Lord. He will lead you, to His hand I bring you.

Dear saints,
  Let us be thankful for our mother’s grace. I am grateful for all the grace that God has given us through loving and guiding us through our mother, and I bless you to become a blessed saint who lives the rest of your life preaching the Lord. Amen.