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Acts 10:24-48, Listener to God’s Word before Him

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Acts 10:24-48, Listener to God’s Word before Him

 The Cornelius incident is a turning point in missionary history. Previously, the gospel was preached to Jews and Samaritans, but now the gospel is also preached to Gentiles.

1.Peter preaching the gospel to the Gentile Cornelius (24-33) 
  Peter breaks the Jewish taboo and obeys God's instructions to go to the house of Cornelius, a Gentile, and preach the gospel. This begins the missionary work for Gentiles. Cornelius' family and friends long for the word and listen to it as the word of the Lord. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch our hearts like Cornelius so that we can receive and hear the gospel. 

2. Peter preaches the gospel and realizes it (34-43) 
 While preaching, Peter newly realizes
 1) the fact that God does not look at people according to their appearances(34-35) &
 2) the gospel, ‘Jesus Christ.’ We realize that He is the Lord of lords, the gospel of peace, & the judge of the living & the dead. Let us also spread the gospel through the Lord.

3. God gives the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles (44-48) 
  When Peter preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God, the Holy Spirit comes down. The Holy Spirit comes when 1) we pray together 2) we repent 3) we are ordained 4) we obey 5) we obey the Word. Let us always live filled with the Holy Spirit.         

  Dear believers, let us all repent of our sins, long for the Holy Spirit, receive it as a gift, and continue to receive it, living a life filled with the Holy Spirit every day. I pray that you will live a blessed life by truly loving God, the church, and your neighbors through the power of the Holy Spirit, preaching Jesus Christ, who is life and the gospel. Amen.