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Acts 8:1-25, A church gathering to worship & scattering to evangelize

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Acts 8:1-25, A church gathering to worship & scattering to evangelize

  Saints have hardships. But suffering produces amazing results. The hardships that the Jerusalem church faced caused them to gather and disperse.

1. Scattered evangelism in Samaria due to persecution (Crisis as an opportunity, 1-3)

  The gospel that began in Jerusalem was persecuted and scattered to all directions. Gather together to worship (Bible study, pray) and then spread out to evangelize. What was the result of Stephen's martyrdom? 1-3, 1) Apostles protect the church. 2) The believers disperse to their neighbors to escape persecution. God causes the church to gather to worship, pray, and learn the Word. And he allows them to spread the gospel, provide relief, and visit. 3) Godly people buried Stephen and wept loudly for him. Overcome sadness with the comfort of the Lord. 4) The young man Saul feels that Stephen should be killed and tries to destroy the church. However, the gospel expands and Saul later meets the resurrected Jesus.

2. When the gospel comes, we are changed (4-8). 

  When you receive the gospel, you are changed. When Deacon Philip went to Samaria, which they despised and did not associate with, and preached Christ, they accepted the gospel and the city was filled with great joy. The Lord speaks through Philip and reveals His power. He makes demons go out and heals diseases.

3. Let us do the Lord’s work well by being filled with the Holy Spirit, which money cannot buy (9-25).

  When Deacon Philip preached the gospel in Samaria, Simon the Magician also believed and was baptized. However, after seeing Peter and John's baptism with the Holy Spirit, Simon tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit with money. He repented after being rebuked by Peter.

Show today's message. It is important to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. 1) Desire the Holy Spirit and listen to the Word. 2) Repent for having grieved the Holy Spirit and be forgiven. 3) The baptism of the Holy Spirit is given at the time of ordination.

Let us all be baptized in the name of Jesus, be saved, and be anointed by the Holy Spirit to live powerfully for the Lord. I bless you in the name of the Lord that this anointing of the Holy Spirit will fill us every day. Amen.


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